Office Buying Guide

What to look for in Office Chairs :

Test your chairs by sitting the way you want to sit after adjusting it to your size. If your back naturally presses against the back of the chair and you feel comfortable , then it is probably the chair for you. Leather may look prestigious but it can be slippery or sticky in hot weather. This material also tends to lose its shape and rips easily. Opt for a chair that has an absorbent, breathable material cover with soft -- but firm -- padding, a steel spine, beveled plastic armrests and solid footing.

Office Desks :

An office desk should well into the room without occupying much space. It must have right number of drawers for all stationary items, files and folders. The office desk must have an eye catchy look and must be able to accommodate your laptop or desktop, printer or a scanner.

If the space available is less and a big office desk does not fit in your room , you can also opt for sleek desks or foldable computer tables. Add a small table at the corner of your room to hold table calendar or any show piece to give an appealing look to your home office.

Glass Furniture :

Glass can brighten up any room by creating a sense of space, openness and light. It’s also color neutral , as you can use it with any new pattern or any other color no matter how many times you change your decor.

Add the right furniture to your home office and work with comfort and focused.