At Furniture Elegance we understand the true meaning of design. You have finally moved into the new house or office but you really do not know what should go where, which color would work best, which furniture should you keep and which should you buy? Looking for top Interior Design Kenya?

Well we totally understand how it can be such a challenge to utilize the new home or office space. Using the latest technology we can redesign your home or office to make it work for you. Our team of Interior designers and Architects coordinate every facet of your design dream, from conception to the last architectural and interior detail.

Our team can advise exactly how many people could be accommodated comfortably within the organization. Point out areas that are under-utilised and generate proposals to reduce your costs.

We specialise in making the most of what you have and are able to both work with and re-use your existing furniture as well as being able to supply for you any new furniture as required.We serve you all the way until you are satisfied. We are have been nominated among the top Interior Design Kenya.