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We understand choosing the right desk can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we have desks to fit all sizes, spaces, styles as well as fit for your budget. Honestly there is nothing better that being stuck behind a desk you love all day.

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  • Chairman Executive Office Desk

    Chairman Executive Office Desk

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,498 points (KSH4,996.00)
  • Principal Presidential Office Desk

    Principal Executive Office Desk (N46)

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,418 points (KSH4,836.00)
  • Industrial Presidential Office Desk

    Industrial Presidential Office Desk (N38)

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,278 points (KSH4,556.00)
  • Barrister Presidential Office Desk

    Barrister Executive Office Desk

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,199 points (KSH4,398.00)
  • 4 Way Workstation

    Elite 4 Way Workstation (LCOFL-1270)

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,599 points (KSH5,198.00)
  • Accord 4 Way Workstation (N1412)

    Accord 4 Way Workstation (N1412)

    Reward Points Policy Earn 2,179 points (KSH4,358.00)

6 Item(s)

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