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Spending Valentine’s Day without breaking the Bank

They say money can’t buy love yet this is exactly what Valentines requires of you despite the rough economic times. So that society doesn’t judge you, be creative with some ingenious cost-effective ways that will not burst your pocket. Leave the diamonds and the 5-star meals for those with deep pockets. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the lovers’ day without breaking your bank.

A Romantic Meal for Two

Stop impulse buying on 14th Feb and plan long term. This will involve buying your furniture strategically to make your home as cozy and as comfortable as possible both indoors and outdoors. So that whatever you plan at home will automatically fit the part. Imagine that cool candlelit dinner behind red parted wallpaper with cutlery and crockery to go by the side, romantic right?

Go to a comedy show

Laughter is good for the soul and in line with the giving spirit this valentine, support a local artist by surprising your partner with a ticket to a comedy show. Both of you will love it since you’ll be laughing your lungs out.

Tour a local Joint

So you both love beer? A place known for distilling, for example, would be a great place to spend a night out. Go taste beer at a brewing inn, it beats paying bar prices. Or, head to a local bar. While at it, talk about the moment when you first met and remind yourself of what you love about each other.

Get Dessert Only

When you skip dinner and go straight for the good stuff, you leave more room for cakes, ice cream, and brownies to treat your date and yourself.  A pricey night out means you’re forking over a premium for a full dinner. However, you can have your cake and eat it too, literally- if you arrange to go out for dessert only. Make reservations at a restaurant and only order dessert, you may want to visit a restaurant that only serves sweets. Either way, it’s a budget-conscious option that can still feel indulgent. Finish the night off with a glass of wine at home.

Watch a movie at home

Show off that luxurious 2 seater love seat. With the comfort, it offers, better than any movie theatre and she will never forget you. Go to a movie store and get a variety of latest movies. Make sure it’s a thriller to make her cling on you tighter.

Garden Barbeque   

Armed with your budget, plan to acquire garden furniture. Home barbeque is very romantic; imagine that jiko and a few Kg of meat roasted under the sunset- dreamy. With our outdoor furniture, you can enjoy comfortable seats that will last for years.  Each of our furniture also allows you to add a distinct touch to any outdoor area. Give your partner luxurious seats so they can relax and unwind.

There you go and you’ve pulled off a nearly perfect Valentine’s Day. Instead of braving the crowds and blowing your budget, go with something that perfectly encompasses you and your partner as a couple, and you’re sure to have the best Valentine’s Day yet.

Visit our showroom at Paramount Plaza and get to feel the love through our furniture that blends form and beauty to ensure you can make the most of any space.



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