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Spruce up your kitchen on a budget

Every home is different and so are the people who live within them but one thing is certain that the kitchen remains the heart of every home. The kitchen is a space which requires maximum functionality. Yet, in recent times, the styling factor has been ignored. Ready to update your kitchen but don't want to spend a fortune? Let’s indulge in these tasteful yet budget-friendly ideas.

Create a menu board

Have you ever thought about painting a chalkboard wall in your home? The kitchen is the perfect place to do it. You can use the menu board to write out the weekly menu for your family and it also acts as a good reminder of what you had planned to make but forgot. For example, if you planned to fry some fish, you will be right on schedule because the menu is right there to make sure you remember to keep the frying pan hot.

Add simple shelves 

Lacking cabinets? We have wood shelves that can be easily installed in your kitchen.  They come in clean simple white and the good news is that if you decide to move to another house, the cabinets can be removed without causing any damage to your current landlord. It is easily and economically installed and provides functional display space for everyday dishes.

Install new blinds or curtains.

Curtains bring a certain aura and can change the mood in your home. Influence the mood of your kitchen with colourful window curtains.  An addition as simple as a shade of red can do wonders for your kitchen. 

Add storage with Baskets

Storage boxes and baskets is also another brilliant way you can use to spruce up your kitchen. Baskets are not just containers to throw things into. They’re also a great way to complement your existing home furnishings. Baskets in the kitchen will provide you with space to place your groceries, fruits and kitchen linen.

Treat yourself to new dishes

Open shelving and counters are a great opportunity to practice the art of display. You can't go wrong with classic white dishes and clear glass.

Introduce a cookbook rack

Store your cookbooks in a wire basket on top of your countertop to bring in the glam to the kitchen. It also helps when you want to change the recipes then you can have the guide close nearby.

Upgrade with accessories 

With limited opportunities for decoration, it's important to make the most of the little things. Have a family photo on stretched canvas or frame on the wall.  Use also pops of colour for jars, flasks, and even cabinets if you are truly up for a bold and vibrant statement. Remember to layer with neutral elements so that the look is well-defined and balanced out.

Place potted plant

Adding plants is an easy way to add a ‘life force’ to your kitchen. Even the most modern kitchen should have a hint of greenery to instantly brighten up the kitchen and your mood. Start with little succulent herb planted in a recycled jar. You can also opt to layer in pebbles and aquarium sand to make it sit pretty on your countertop.

Introduce a rug

Our vast & stylish collection of modern rugs has your floor space covered.  Add a rug for a soft and layered look. Choose something that has a light colour as it will go with any interior décor that you already have. Also, use a fabric that is easy to maintain in this space and try to opt for unique shapes like circles for an interesting look and feel.


Finally, stylish pendant lights can easily become the new focal point of the room. The hand-blown glass pendants or one which is locally made will be a perfect fit.




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