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Find Warmth and Comfort in Your Rug

The cold season is upon us and definitely, it’s the perfect season for rugs. Have you ever experienced that ire feeling when the first thing that your feet lands on is the cold tiled floor? Well, I have experienced it and I can tell you that it is dreadful. You immediately shock your entire body system and yell out how cold the floor is. But there is a solution to that. Instead of walking around with your socks on all the time which also helps don’t get me wrong - rugs are a better fit for your home.

Rugs are so much more than something we simply step or walk around on. We basically find comfort in our area rugs. It will provide beauty and interest in a room by defining the overall design and unifying the space as an anchor for furnishings. Since beautiful area rugs are plentiful, it can be an exciting mission to pick just the right rug for your home. One easy way to narrow down the many possibilities is to focus on not just your home’s style, but your lifestyle.

Choosing an area rug becomes a reflection of both your personality and lifestyle. A living room rug should be large enough to slide under the front legs of sofas and chairs in a seating arrangement, unifying the furniture. For large rooms, consider using two rugs to define different areas of the space.

At the heart of the room, the dining table must be adequately framed to provide a comfortable experience in terms of both form and function. Ensure you measure the table and the room carefully adding two feet on each side for the dimensions of the rug. While the shape of your table may provide room for experimentation – provided the proportions match, a square table can work well on a circular rug and vice versa.

Even though many bedrooms opt for either carpeted or solid flooring, the addition of a rug creates a break between the bed and the rest of the furniture. An ideal shape and position is to lay a rectangular rug across the room around two thirds from the bottom of the bed so that it sits underneath the feet at the end but not the top.

Let our warm-weather ideas for placing rugs rightfully shower your home or office with temperateness and comfort. If your goal is to find a rug that is aesthetically pleasing and complements your taste in interior decor, come see us at Furniture Elegance where we have beautiful rugs and carpets that could definitely take Best in Show.


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