Bending the rules of Interior Design


Bending the rules of Interior Design

In Interior Design there are rules that are believed should be used in order to get a certain design in Interior.However in the past few year Interior Designers are breaking their own rule and coming up with incredible interiors.Here are some of the ways you can bend the rules of Interior.


Having things symmetrically arranged will give your room balance as well as proportionality. It is no coincidence that there are several examples of symmetry found in nature and so many are attracted to spaces where there is symmetry amongst the decor. However as much attractive as symmetry often it limits how personalized you can make the room and also is the expected choice. The problem is with too much symmetry it might render our spaces looking as if they are staged. That is the last thing anyone would wish for their home. Try asymmetrical design, it comes up with the most unexpected yet stylish style in your home.

Different Wood shades

Mixing wood finishes will give your home complimenting contrast and create a layered look that will give your home’s interior depth.You do not want to have a room that is mixed up with different shades

The design experts at Laurel & Wolf recommend using a variety of wood tones in one space — otherwise, you might end up with a log cabin look.

Dark Color

 It is well known that lighter colors make spaces look big and spacious but what people dont know is you can also use dark colors to help make things pop in your home!

Darker colored paint may not make a place feel spacious and airy like brighter colors can, it can create depth. Matching darker paint with reflective and light decor will add to the room’s depth, making it hard for the human eye to determine where the walls begin and end.


Matching Dinning chairs

A group of matching dining chairs can complete the look of any dining room, but have you ever seen that one chair that you loved that had no match? If you ever had the urge to buy a great chair but didn’t because it had no pair, next time go with your instinct and break this interior design rule. Placing chairs of different materials, as well as various sizes and colors will undoubtedly bring character into your home’s dining area.

Mixing chairs

Mixing Patterns

This particular interior design rule isn’t as set in stone as others are, the problem is that some designers are just scared to be as bold as you need to be to match an argyle rug with an animal print sofa. Breaking this rule will give your space character and contrast.

Use of faux plants

As much as real plants bring life to your home also they require attention when it comes to care and maintenance that’s why this is the best rule to break!!

Faux plants have come a long way in recent years. Look for high-quality silk flowers or fiddle leaf figs with convincing leaves. Then remember to dust them to avoid being found out.