5 essentials for a new office


5 essentials for a new office

A good working space

Well, what is an office without a good working space? That is the whole definition behind it named as an office. Great working spaces are what determines how much input you can put into your work. A desk is what comprises of a working space and it comes in in all different types of configurations.

We have the desk with mobile drawers, desks with hanging pedestals. desks with pedestals and side returns. These desks also come either as L-shaped desk, straight desks, or wave desks.

The desks also do come in a variation of sizes. A good desk should have the basic egornomic dimensions. These are height, width and length.

Simple yet accommodative reception

First-time impressions last for a very long time and you want them to be as good as long as they last.
So how do we achieve this long-lasting first-time impression? Set up a reception area with a sofa or single-seaters for the clients to sit while they wait.

Reception areas can also comprise of a coffee table to place your brochures and magazines but this are items that you can always get them later after setting up the office.

A good reception desk also matters. The size of the reception desk will be determined by the size of the area where it will be placed.
The color of the desk also will depend on what the color scheme of the office is to be.

Adequate storage

Storage is a key thing in any office set up. You need to have adequate storage for the filing system.
There are different types of storage cabinets. We have cabinets that come either as 2 door cabinets or 3 door cabinets.

The type of cabinet you choose will  purely de[pend on whether your space. There is also the low cabinets this ones usually have a height of 700mm to 110mm.

We have the tambour filers. These are filers that have a foldable door. They are best for small spaces because their doors do not take up space for the cabinet swing door.

We also have the unsung heroes, the fire proof cabinets. these ones are used to store our important documents just incase of a fire outbreak they will remain intact.

Bulk filers. These ones come in bays. 1 bay occupies 1100mm wide and they have a standard on 360mm depth. The Bulk filers are a bit bulky just as the name suggest  and wouild recomend them for an office that need a big filing system

Good seating

We need to take care of our backs and our bodies to be very productive. A good seat for working is, therefore, a very essential item when you are starting up a company.

Start-up companies do not have such a big scope of employees yet so in the meantime, they can opt to invest in good seats for the small number that they have so that they are to get the best and grow their companies.

Window treatment

Windows make such a huge impact in any space. be it be residential or commercial space.
And windows I have different treatments depending on whether they are residential or commercial.

Window treatments for offices are blinds and these blinds come in different types which include; roller blinds, vertical blinds, blackout blinds, roman blinds, and day-night blinds.

Now after filing your office with all the office furniture we need not to forget accesorizing it. Choose a bit of office decors to accentuate your ispace and give it some life. Pick that favourite vase you like and pplace it on the desk. Grab that favorite grandfather watch that you have been want to pick and place it on one of the walls.You can never have enough of decors but also do not over do it.