5 Jaw dropping facts about Recliners that Furniture retailers don’t tell you ( #4 is a Myth buster)


5 Jaw dropping facts about Recliners that Furniture retailers don’t tell you ( #4 is a Myth buster)

   #1. Let’s talk Fabric!


There is quite a vast of upholstery fabrics. This is a whole topic on itself but generally there is a very frequent question of whether Leather should be classified as a fabric. But according to William Hunter a Manager in a Textile manufacturing company, Leather is not a fabric since it is from Animal hides. Another reason why it can not be classified as a fabric is because a fabric is made of interlaced fibers and can be achieved using any of the construction methods. On the other hand Leather is an animal hide that is treated and used as upholstery material.

Hence for Upholstery we can classify them into either Fabric or Leather.  Our recliners come in to options, fabric recliners and leather recliners.

Under fabric recliners we have microfibers and Aire-leather fabric. People hear the following terms “engineered or manufactured or made to look like” and their reactions are always so repulsive. Here is a sneak peek advantage of engineered fabrics.

Microfiber is one of the fabrics that is used to make most recliners. Microfiber is made with synthetic fibers like polyester or polyamides. The fibers are finer than silk, and they can be knit or woven into a piece of fabric. The fabric is engineered to be better than natural fabric. Silk as much as it is a luxurious fabric it is easily stained and gets bleached by sunlight.

This is where microfiber comes in, engineered to enhance the qualities of silk that are not best and make it better. On the other hand we have the Leather.


     #2 The inside matters!

Recliners are made of a wooden and metal framework. The wooden frame work is what holds the stuffing that is used while the metal frame work is for the mechanism.

The seat area comprised of springs and also there is individual pocket spring in some recliners.

As for the stuffing there is fiber and a high density form.

#3 The Rocking Singles!

Most recliners come with a single rocker recliner.

Well the recliner is meant to rock so the mechanism is made in such a way that it accommodates that. However if someone is interested with a certain model that is rocking but doesn’t want it to rock then it can be permanently locked so that it doesn’t recliner.

When buying recliner try not to alter the mechanisms because that is tampering with the warranty. If at all you do not want a rocker single chair then get a set that does not rock.

The ultimate goal of a recliner is comfort.


     #4 The Myth Buster!

Every customer interested in a recliner seat the first question they ask is “Is the mechanism going to last?” Well today we are going to clear all that doubt.

Ideally a new recliner is supposed to serve 20,000 openings. An opening is every time someone reclines.  So let’s do a little math’s. If a recliner is opened 5 times in a day then in a year you will only have used 1,830 openings.  The mechanism is made to serve 20,000 openings meaning if you recline 5 times a day the mechanism should serve you at least 10 years.

We all want value for our money and 10 year service is quite a good service if asked. Definitely there are other factors that might influence the longevity of the product but as for the mechanism you are given a 10 year guarantee!

     #5 For Care and Maintenace

Over usage of items will lead to tear and wear. All items undergo that the only difference comes when it there is a difference in the quality.

For maintenance fabric recliners are cleaned using a fabric cleaner. Most of the fabric cleaners come with a extremely soft silicon brush that does not lift the fabric when cleaning.

If the cleaning process is a tedious for you then you can use a cleaning agent.  As for the Aire-leather it is the easiest one to clean. Since it is made to have almost the same characteristics of leather then it is prone to crack if not taken care of.

Wiping it with a dumb cloth removes it dust on them and after it dries off then you go in with leather cleaner. The leather cleaner will leave it sparkling clean and as new as you bought!