4 simple steps to accessorize your Bedroom like a PRO!


 4 simple steps to accessorize your Bedroom like a PRO!

Step 1:  De-clutter

Bedrooms are sanctuaries. They should be AMONG those places that when you think about them the first thing that pops in your mind is relaxation.

Often a time we clutter our bedrooms with unnecessary items. Ideally, a bedroom should have a bed, bedside tables, or what we commonly call nightstands, a dresser with a mirror and a chest of drawers. Avoid placing items that are not décor items on the side drawers and top of the dresser and mirror.

If the room is big enough you can add a couch or a study desk depending on your preference. Having extra storage units and that are portable in a bedroom will make the room look too crowded.

As for any laundry baskets, avoid placing them in the bedroom. Find a spot near your bathroom or a laundry room if you have one.


Step 2: Pick the right decors and accessories.

A bedroom speaks a lot about someone’s personality. Pick the decors that speak to you. Have two or three wall arts or even have a wall gallery if you want to be extra.

Do not underrate the power of a bedside table. This is more of an accessory than a décor but it is on it that one can place their bedside lamps, books maybe or even flowers.

On the bedside table, you can place a bedside lamp.
These lamps are ideal since not always would you need too much light in the whole room but just enough to do what you require before sleeping.

Introduce an area rug or a bedside rug. When you wake up that should be the first thing you step on. No one wants cold floors after a warm cozy night.

Now if your bedroom is a standard-sized bedroom, thrive to have either an armchair near the window or swing chair depending on what you prefer.

These help you read your favorite book without necessarily having to go to bed with it, drink your favorite drinks. It is a place to unwind away from your living room but near your nap time bestie.

Step 3: Play with the Linen

Bed linens are the epitome of bedrooms. They are actually what call you to take a nap, literally! Everyone has a taste that speaks to them when it comes to bed linens. The variety ranges from silk, cotton, or even blends.

Silk linens will give a very luxurious look in your bedroom but do not overuse it for it will give OFF a feeling of delicateness and making someone FEEL scared rather than comfortable.
Kinds of cotton are usually the very best because they have a very gentle feel even when SIMPLY looking at them in a not so harsh way, UNlike the silks.

The color of the linen also matters. Color can highly affect your sleep. Too brightly colored fabrics might give you difficulties with sleeping choose very subtle shades for your bedroom.

Throw in some throw blankets they come in hand when you just want to chill without really getting in bed and they make your look more thought out!

Step 4. Bring in nature.

People often underrate the power of nature in any room. Introducing a plant in your house will not only spruce up your interior but also helps in purifying the air around you.

You are not limited to the number of plants you can have but at the same time be careful not turn the bedrooms into a garden.Another thing you should be aware of is that not all plants are suitable for indoors. When selection plants pick those that emit more oxygen at night, the likes of spider plant, snake plant, peace lily.

Plants come in two options, natural plants, and faux plants. Faux plants need very keen styling because they can give a very cheap vibe if not arranged properly. So unless you are very confident with your flower arrangement skills then go the natural way.