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Eclectic Approach in Interior Design

An eclectic interior designing approach picks from all aspects of interior design, so I would say it’s actually taking a risk with your space. It’s breaking the Interior design rules but at the same time maintaining the five principles of design.

Since eclectic design mainly involves mixing of different styles, two or three styles would be ideal for this type of approach. We don’t want to get Kitsch so don’t combine five to six styles.

Well I know how that sounds but I can assure you the results will be stylishly eccentric.

 Picture one

Below are a few ways that one can try and achieve an Eclectic Home interior

Think Texture.

This is a key element in Eclectic interiors. Fabrics with different textures can be used to tell a story.  Pick on the rough textures as well as the smooth ones. As noted earlier we don’t want to lose the principles of design so to assist in this pick one texture and use it repetitively. This will help bring about some harmony even if there are a variety of textures going on.


 Go Bold with prints

Whether you are a fun of geometric prints, abstract prints or the fleur-de-lis you need to think of blending them with another print.  Remember we don’t want to make the house look like some tornado of prints blew over your home. The rhythm of the patterns however has to be maintained. Remember we have to keep the house subtle.



Let the Gallery out.

You have always thought about those get together pictures but you are not sure where to place them. Well, why don’t you let the cat out to play?

Playing around with different shapes and patterns is the main aim here. You may want to mix the circles with the squares. Be careful not to lose consistency in the process.


You can opt to start at one corner and gradually move to the other side of the wall

Mix Materials.

This is where you mix wood, stone, metal and glass.


High-gloss surfaces and glass provide an enhanced atmosphere in a room due to constant changes caused by gentle reflections in a home. This one can be toned down by using wooden pieces.

 Play around with Color

When choosing the color that you want there is a color rule that Is mostly used by Interior designers. It’s the 10-30-60 color rule.

 In this rule 60 represent the dominant color. This is where all your choices revolve around. Then 30% is the secondary color. This is the color used to block and archive an interesting outcome. Then 10%6 this is the accent color. The color used to break the monotony.



If you have tried the Bohemian style then pulling off an Eclectic look would not be a problem to you. Because already the concept of prints, colors and shapes are commonly used in Boho styles.


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