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VIP tickets to Slumber land.

Beautiful nightmares, quite a paradox I know. But these two words would mean exactly that to describe your nights if you are not careful. Rushed mornings, long busy days, hours stuck in traffic. Oh! And not forgetting the bumpy rides in matatus that makes you look forward to be back at home into your cozy bed.

But just imagine a long day like that only to end up in a bed with a really bad mattress. Yes, I just mentioned mattress because many people ignore the fact that they need a really good mattress for a good night sleep. They end up having uncomfortable and tired nights just because they decided to cling on to a bad mattress.

We spend half of our time sleeping and this makes our bed one of the most important items. However what really determines the quality and comfort of our sleep is the mattress. Sleep is very important in our life. Lack of sleep may result in a number of things that have proven to be true. These are; 

  • low performance
  • low productivity
  • drowsy and stressful day
  • impaired memory
  • clumsiness and fuzziness
  • Weight gains
  • High blood pressure
  • skin aging
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

A good night sleep contributes to some of the following factors

  • Makes someone more creative: You cannot have a good sleep without a quality mattress.
  • One gets more motivated. Sleep rejuvenates our bodies making us more motivated for a new day.
  • We gain better focus; we all need to be focused in our workplaces. Without a good sleep, we can get really disturbed. Well, good mattress and good sleep marry each.
  • Increases productivity in our workplaces. 

Before we get to a point where sleep affects our health we need to sort one of our most important sleep component; the mattress. Too many mattresses exist in the market right now and we need to be informed in order to make the right decisions. 

A good mattress should be both comfortable and orthopedic as the spine is one of the most important parts of our bodies. Let me share a cross-section of what a mattress usually comprises of then we can explore the types of mattresses available. 

1. Foam Mattresses

These come in three different types; low density, medium density and high density. The denser the foam, the harder the mattress then the better it is for our backs. Also, the price will depend on the density. Low-density foam is the cheapest.

2. Spring Mattresses

The spring has three basic types.

  • Continuous spring. This is the cheapest spring and does not have a long life and it does not give the ultimate back support as well. 
  • Bonnel spring. This is currently the market leader. The thickness of the springs comes in millimeters and the more the millimeters the better the quality. 
  • Pocket spring. The spring is packed in clothing and this makes the mattress a more quiet type. All spring mattresses consist of 60-70% of air and this helps provide good air circulation keeping the mattress dry and healthy
  • The pocket sprung mattresses has a few advantages over the Bonnel spring mattresses. The pocket spring are not connected to each other instead they are packed in fabric pockets; this gives them the ability to reduce motion transfer. The spine takes a better shape compared to Bonnel spring mattress because the pressure is evenly distributed. Noise is very minimal.
  • On the other hand, Bonnel spring connect to one another with one continuous wire this makes the whole spring to compress when one lies on the mattress hence no full support. It’s only a suitable option if you are on a budget.

3. Memory Foam Mattresses

This is another type of mattresses that with time has become very popular. There are three types of memory foam;

  • Traditional Memory foam. This one is designed for cradling support to enhance circulation and decrease stress on your joints. And also tends to absorb heat.
  • Open cell Memory foam. This one has a quicker response so you can avoid the ‘sinking in’ feeling. This one has a better ability to dispense heat than the traditional memory form. It is also able to respond to body temperatures and adjust accordingly.
  • Gel Memory foam. This type helps in the reduction of pressure points and is better at heat dispensing than all of the above because of the gel. Though some people term the gel memory foam too plush. That can both be a con or a pro depending on the perspective you are looking at. 

Other factors that contribute to a quality mattress is the thickness of the mattress. This is an obvious thing, the thicker the mattress the better the quality.

The material used to cover the mattress is also considered when checking the quality of the mattress. Some of the materials used for covering the mattress are the

  • Damask; this is a woven fabric used to upholster the mattress. Mainly made from cotton, rayon or linen. It’s also called ticking. 

  • Stitch bond. These are mechanically bonded nonwoven fabrics.
  • Knit fabrics
  • Special fabrics

The mattresses can also have an added layer on top. Most common are the Pillow tops and the Euro tops.

Pillow top is an added layer of soft padding stitched to the mattress top.

Euro top, on the other hand, is similar to pillow top but they have a plush top layer sewn on.

A point to note The difference of one mattress serving you longer than the other will depend on the type of spring, the material used to cover the mattress or the type of foam used. Also, most people tend to sit on the edge putting strain. For this, you need a special type of spring.

Other things that you might need to consider when choosing a mattress are; the most basic is the sleeping position. Those that sleep with their side need soft mattresses, the memory foam mattresses are the best for these type of people. Others sleep on their back or the tummy, for this kinda firm mattress would be the best especially the orthopedic type. 

Then there is the comfort. This is the most important of all factors to consider. How comfortable do you want the mattress to be? Keep in mind that for the next 5-7yrs this is the mattress you will be sleeping on.

A good mattress without a quality base is also pointless. The bed should be firm and in really good shape. We can’t put new wine into old wineskins. If your bed is in good condition and you get a quality mattress be assured you just got yourself a V.I.P ticket to slumberland. Everyone deserves that.

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Beauty sleep, they call it so for a purpose and now being at a better-informed position to make a decision at Furniture Elegance we will offer the best quality to cover your needs. Come grab a quality mattress and let’s improve your health.


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