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The next big thing in fabric Sofas

When it comes to your home interior a sofa is simply a basic need. How comes? It’s the first thing people note when they get to your house and it speaks volumes about who we are all in one glance.

The trends however are taking over so fast. The Accent chair is becoming a new norm or we say the in thing. Someone might probably be wondering what is an accent chair? Well an Accent chair is an object of furniture that adds an extra element of architectural interest to a room while still retaining its primary function of providing seating.

While some chairs simply provide a place to rest others not only demand but command attention. An accent chair basically should be used to elevate and enrich a space. They give you a chance to flaunt your personal design as you can choose a chair that’s a chic mid-century modern or an elegant tufted armchair.

Accent chairs serve so many purposes in a room. Of course, there is the obvious – they act as a “accent” or statement piece in your space by providing a pop of color or a cool print that pulls the look of your entire room together. We have come up with a small guide as to how you can use an accent chair in your home.

1. Break Monotony.

This is definitely the most obvious of using the accent chair. Tired of the norm and the same old look in your house? An accent chair with prints will definitely be the real deal. Though not all accents break a monotony. In order for it to break the monotony it needs to be either a printed fabric or a different color from the current existing color.


 2. Soften an awkward corner

We all have a corner in our homes that is always very stubborn. No furniture set can fit there or if it can it ends up looking like a very dull corner. Well the accent chair will definitely be the savior in such a case.
You can use the accent chair to transform the place to be a cozy corner for relaxing or catching up with that favorite novel that you love. It would turn out to be a little heaven for mind relaxing.


 3. Add Personality

We all have different personalities and this leads to different preferences. This adds up to the type of personal style that one wishes to have in their homes. The perfect way to do this would be through adding an accent chair in your house. Pick the fabric that speaks to you and speaks your language when it comes to furniture.


 4. Bedroom retreat area

Bedroom is a place for relaxing. It should be the place that once you step a foot in it feels heavenly and soul reviving.

Placing an accent chair in it makes the room more relaxing, a place to sip in your favorite tea before you retire to bed. Think about that!


 5. Coziness

Off all the uses an accent chair. Comfort and coziness is the epitome of it all.  We all want a cozy study corner, a warm bedroom, posh living room with a pop of color. All this we can achieve with an accent chair. At the end of the day, that’s the primary function of it


We mind your homes always and that’s why at Furniture Elegance we have brought in sofa sets that already have an accent chair. Isn’t that Amazing!


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