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Setting up a Home Office

As the world changes and technology allows for virtual communication, more people are opting to manage their own businesses at home, especially those in the creative industry.But how do you get an office in your home that is both professional and comfortable? What you have to keep in mind is that a good home office needs to be functional first and beautiful second. Below are tips you should keep in mind while setting up a home office.

Invest in the right type of furniture

While your beautifully upholstered dining room chairs look amazing, they will not allow support for your back for long hours. Also, your tiny coffee tables won’t accommodate your many project files.

Follow Ergonomic Rules

When using a computer, your screen should be at eye-level, or a little below. Splurge a chair that will sustain you through the hours. This is important because when you choose a chair you don’t like, you will never sit at your desk.

Embrace Natural Light

Many people usually think that moving your furniture at the most secluded and darkest corner of your house will create the ideal office environment in a home. Move your chair and desk close to the window, parallel to the panes, where you can easily access natural light. This will give you ample benefits of natural light and a breather away from your computer every few minutes, as you enjoy the outside scene.

 Use table lamps

Most overhead home lighting is not adequate for study. You will therefore need additional lighting for the darker part of the day. Choose a good table lamp which will provide a nice soft glow, as well as bring a touch of elegance to your office area.

Play around with your creativity in storage

The last thing you would want to see in your home is huge piles of paper everywhere. This can even lower down your productivity at your working space. If you need to have a place you put your papers frequently, magazine type racks or children’s library-style display shelves will be your perfect solution.

If you will be having a lot of video conferences, ensure you get a great display of shelves to use as a back-drop. Invest in book-cases that are big enough to store all you got and artsy enough to look attractive.

Personalize thoughtfully

This is not the time to put all your funny looking photos that will just bring you distraction. Add in a few of your family photos and mementos of your success. Remember you will have clients coming over once in a while.



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