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Leather vs Fabric Sofa Debates

Shopping for a sofa set is not all that easy. This is because it is the central spot of the home, where friends and family gather. Therefore, it should be aesthetically appealing as well as comfortable. With all the options the market has to offer, it is even more confusing when settling on a fabric or leather seat. Depending on what you want to achieve in your home, highlighted below are some of the pros and cons of both materials.


For anyone purchasing a seat, comfort is a very important factor to consider. What determine comfort include textile and support system (cushion and frames). Fabric is more comfortable when it comes to this because leather absorbs heat faster than fabric. On the other hand, leather furniture is firmer than fabric ones.

Maintenance and durability

When it comes to fabric, the lifespan is different, depending on the quality. Of course, higher quality lasts much longer. When it comes to cleaning, the high quality fabric is much better. This is because they are prepared with a stain-resistant finish. However, this is not the case with low-quality fabric, which may wear out faster when being cleaned. When it comes to keeping pets like cats and dogs, you will definitely be worried about tears on fabric and scratches on your leather seats. Fabrics will resist the tears more than leather.


Leather sofas have always carried with them a sense of elegance and class, something not so easy to achieve with fabrics. High quality fabric can also stand this challenge, as they are available in many hues and designs, which give them an upper hand in terms of choice of colour and patterns. It is therefore wise for you to decide on what best suits your home.


This is also determined greatly by the quality of either leather or fabric. A seat made of high quality fabric and proper framing is more expensive than low quality leather. However, determine what best suites your home in terms of the environment and taste. This is includes what you can afford.


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