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Vogue Trends in Interiors 2018 and 2019

We all love interiors that are up to date with the trends. Well then Vogue should always be the Ultimate trend setter. In 2018 there were some few styles and designs that gained popularity quite well  and are expected  to be carried into 2019. Here are some of them.

Statement ceiling

These type of ceiling are kicking in style.



If painting brings the drama, wallpaper brings the romance. They create a transformative, magical experience. Pattern can be really cool, like a faux marble paper, applied between moldings on a ceiling. It will add grandeur and an old-world ambiance while retaining its fresh appeal. Metallic wallpapers can also be used.

Textured Fabrics

Textured Fabric

Another trend that is really picking up is the use of very heavy textured fabrics. These are the Boucle and Plush velvet. These materials are returning the 70s décor trends. And they really do bring out excellent furniture pieces.

Not forgetting that there is a level of sophistication that comes with the plush velevet. Mostly because of its soft delicate nature. Simple sophisticated interiors speaks volumes about our personalities

Sustainability design

Sustainability is definitely a trend that will take charge in 2019. With the environmental campaigns that are really going on to focus on conservations then each phase of the design process will have a main objective of reducing negative impacts on the environment and the health of the occupants. Thus use of eco-friendly materials is a key design.

Geometric  Patterns


Use of Geometric pattern in interior is slowly kicking in. People are embrace the use of different partterns in theri interior finishes which add some jist into it.These patterns are mostly incoporated in rugs, cushions, throw pillows, draperies and carpets.

Color Pop


Color is another thing that has been marked by Vogue as a new trend. Although neutral colors have always been timeless trend in vogue the bold colors are also taking over at a very high rate . Yellow and mustard shades, Fuchsia, Turquoise some of the colors that make statement pieces since they are bold.

Matte Black is one of the dark colors  that is trending and being adopted a lot in interiors as compared to Glossy black.

 Dark ceiling

Metallic features


Items with metallic features are definitely eye catching.

We expect more metallic alternatives to stainless steel to crop up and possibly dethrone rose gold since rose gold was gradually gaining popularity. Look for copper, brass, gold, chrome and blackened metals to become more of a presence.


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