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‘Get to work’ is a phrase commonly used in the office but we forget that a lot of facets are considered before you are actually able to work effectively: privacy, location, flexibility and more play a big role. Whether you work from home, in a cubicle, or rent a shared office space- customizing your workspace makes all the difference in productivity. How do you create a workspace where actual work happens? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers your looking for here.

Location and functionality

First and foremost you need to decide on the space you intend to set up the workspace in. You are likely to spend a significant amount of time in the office; hence, choosing a spot to work in is the ideal way to get started. Additionally, before investing in office furniture, consider the workflow of the area. Being able to control the temperature, proper lighting levels, and overall outside distractions lead to increased productivity. 

Innovative desks

Consider innovative desks, designed for flexibility and space savings. From modular to corner desks, the possibilities are endless, so be sure to take all your needs into consideration before you make a purchase. A desk that has a filing cabinet and lots of drawer storage is going to give people a place to put everything.

Set up a home office

If you have the perk of working from home, then setting up a workspace in the house is key. Work in the comfort of your sofa or loveseat. At home, we spend our day's multi-tasking and getting bombarded from all angles with tasks. Therefore keep your workspace organized to get everything you need at easy reach. It makes all the difference. ( For more on this see our blog on how to set up a home office)

Have a recreational room

A recreation room mainly helps in relaxation and thus the importance of one in a work environment- You will find it easier to concentrate on the task. When you feel exhausted or very stressed, you can take time off to relax for a moment. Leading to a better job which will certainly have a positive impact.

Add a plant

Studies show that the mere presence of plants can also provide surprisingly large benefits. One feels energized when their workplace features live plants and fresh flowers. So why not introduce one into your working environment?

Follow the Rules of Ergonomics

Finally, always follow the ergonomics rule: The monitor of your computer should be placed on an eye level or just a little below the eye level. This will help you avoid eye fatigue. Place your keyboard in a way, so that your forearms fall parallel to the floor and adjust the chair so that your feet lay straight on the floor. And, while following all these rules, ensure that you lean on a chair you love and feel comfortable in.

For thoughtful, productive work, demand everything from our workspaces. Visit our showrooms today and explore endless options to wrap up a day’s work?



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