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What Your Furniture Says About You

Yes, your furniture can say a lot about your personality and the perception people hold of you. After all first impression matter and image is everything. So before you buy that furniture, be it for your office or home, keep in mind what image or impression you want to communicate. Let’s look at what your leather or fabric sofa says about you.

L Shaped Sofa

You’re a Superman/ women and carry the whole world on your shoulders. Friends see you as having it all together. This trait might be both good and bad in the same breath. Bad because you’re always busy at work or with your kids. After a hard day at work, you just want to put your leg up and relax on your sofa whilst enjoying the big space that comes with using an L shaped design. It’s good because despite your tight schedule, you’re still trendy and up to date with most current furniture styles.

Love Seat

A love seat is a seat that says ‘more than two is company’ and good for you and your better half. It means that you’re romantic. The best and most ideal place to cuddle and be a little naughty, while watching your favourite movie with bae under the warmth of that cosy blanket.

A Fainting Couch


You’re a drama queen and high maintenance. You want to be the centre of attention and will do anything to spice the conversations or irritate people. You like to keep things interesting in your life and tend to easily get bored. You love the Real Housewives reality shows for the drama and all the expensive things in life, after all who said money can’t buy happiness?

Modern Design Sofa

You’re vogue and want to keep up with the different styles in the market. But keeping up with fashion requires you to be a shopper holic or spend thriftier which is definitely not easy on the pockets. You love to wears heels during the day because you wouldn't be caught dead in flats.

A Chesterfield

If you love a chesterfield then you perceive yourself as royalty and hold yourself in high regard. You love to live in the world where you adore the kings and queens life - the high structured life that is. So naturally, your living room has a beautifully tufted couch in their honor. Paris is definitely your dream city if you haven’t been there already.

Touch me not Couch

These types of sofas are those that are either white or beige in colour.  If you own this sofa, then it means you’re a perfectionist and very meticulous. Everything must be just right without a spec of dirt. You're always cautious on who sits on your sofa especially children are out of bounds.

A Futon

You’re a social animal who loves to host parties at any opportunity.  Comfort isn’t the motivation as long as it can have the wow factor and turn heads, especially for your in-laws?

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