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5 ways to Accessorize your Coffee Table

Choosing the perfect coffee table for your office or home is one thing, while accessorizing it is another. In this time and age, we are no longer only interested in the several options for the design but also about the elements on display. However, you can change it a million times, depending on your moods and the environment set-up. Here are five ideas to guide you, when accessorizing.

Use double coffee tables

A large coffee table may be your obvious solution for a large seating arrangement, but having a pair of matching coffee tables will be twice as nice. It will keep the focus off one large piece of furniture and let your eye wander around the room more easily. Push them together to make a great geometric visual impact, or place them side by side to show some continuity.

A vase does the magic

A flower vase may seem like a cliché but sometimes it is all that you need to bring life and flair to your coffee table. More so, your coffee table will be kid-friendly. Add a few small chairs around it and your child will have space to scribble and read. 

A mini bar

Normally, you will entertain your guests with drinks on your coffee table when they come over to visit. But how about letting your drinks stay there for good? If you are dealing with an ample sized coffee table, designate a tray for a select stash of your prettiest barware and cocktail ingredients. Make sure you have no children around.

Books as a low-base 

You probably are already displaying some books on your coffee table. Instead of stacking them the normal way, now go ahead and splay them out in a neat grid to form the base and layer the rest of your pieces on top.

Add your personal pieces

From your abstract souvenirs to your most elegant jewelry, all these will bring personality and glam right at your coffee table. Add some unique collections like colourful paint brushes or used beautiful pens to create an artsy environment.

With all these in mind, your coffee table might just turn out to be your favourite spot in the home.


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