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5 Things to Consider when buying Leather Sofas

When looking for stylish, comfortable furniture that is durable and improves with age, invest in a leather couch. It can add instant luxury to any living room as it is an attractive material that comes in a variety of colours, styles and strengths. Here are things to keep in mind while purchasing one.

1. Let it suit your lifestyle

First and foremost, a leather sofa has to suit your lifestyle. What room will it go in and how busy is your space? Consider a heavier finish if the environment is prone to a lot of wear and tear. If you have a young family around the home, buy protected leather. It is most durable and less natural in appearance, having a polymer coating. Aniline leather is the most natural looking, with natural surface visible, but less resistant to soiling. Semi-aniline has a light surface coating and is somewhere in between both counts.

2. Consider Price

Price is a definite factor when buying leather and this mainly depends on grade, quality of the hide, process style of piece and basic construction. You need to keep in mind that leather lasts much longer than the normal fabric sofas. So when buying it, you are buying quality.

3. Zippered Leather Upholstery

Ensure your cushions are covered with zippered leather upholstery. While the leather may last for many years, your cushions may wear out and thus will need replacement.

4. Colour selection

When selecting colour, the lighter the colour, the higher the maintenance it will require to keep it looking clean and as good as new. Your choice of colour will also highly depend on the environment. For pigmented leather, the colour is applied on the surface and finished to provide greater protection. Dyed leather is dyed all through and through and is more expensive and much softer than pigmented leather.

5. Material

Consider the material you are buying. Is it top grain leather or is some of it vinyl. If it is not pure leather, then this will compromise on the quality you are looking for. 







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