Home Buying Guide

Big and Small Size Sofas :

The frame must be sturdy which makes it long-lasting. Soft wood, such as pine, is low-cost, but it may warp or wobble after five years.The frame and all corners should be well padded. Run your hand over them to see. A padded frame will not stick out through the upholstery, it means less friction for the fabric that is covering the frame. If you are buying a reclining sofa bed, all mechanisms must work smoothly.

A frame with joints connected by any of the following means is solidly constructed: wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws. Never buy a sofa that’s held together solely by staples, nails, or glue. Ask your salesperson for written manufacturer information on frame joinery.

When you check out the back of your sofa, there should be no bumps or hard spots. Run the palm of your hand over it. THis is important in tight back sofa. Not only will bumps and hard spots change the look of your sofa over a short period of time, they will also feel uncomfortable. Seats should be comfortable, select deep or shallow seats depending on your height. The arms should not jiggle or move, and if upholstered, they should be be well padded.

Most sofas have springs. They are nicely supportive, but they can press on the frame or sag over time if the metal isn’t heavy. High-end sofas often come with eight-way hand-tied springs. They are very comfy but bit expensive.Feel the springs through the upholstery - they should be close together and firm. Sit down firmly on a corner or outside edge of a sofa you are considering. Squeaks and creaks suggest that springs are incorrectly placed or hitting the frame.

Dining Table :

Arguably, the most crucial piece of furniture is the dining table. Whether it’s anchored front or positioned in the middle of a formal dining room, the dining table needs to be sturdy as a rock, comfortably accommodating, even flexible in shape and size.

If you are looking for a wood dining table, always opt for hardwood such as maple, oak or teak. They are more long lasting as compared to composite woods like plywood. For those of you looking for something beyond traditional wood, we like the look of galvanized metal, grainy marble, or molded plastic.

It is important to have the exact measurements of the room for your dining table. This is crucial with smaller dining rooms. A rectangular table in a small rectangular room can easily fill up the space and make it look cramped instead of cozy.

While the style of your dining table - it is purely your call. For smaller rooms, go with an oval table to keep the space from looking overly crowded. Square tables work well with narrow dining areas, while for narrow space rectangular pieces are more noteworthy to be used. Most dining tables are consistent with the standard height range of 28”- 30” tall. Oval, rectangular and square tables are usually a standard 36” .

When choosing a chair, kneel on the seat, push the back and press on the arms - there should be some flexibility, but no creaking. Removable covers that can be washed or changed may be a good option.

Beds :

A bed is an important investment, especially when you spend a one third of your life in it. If your quality of sleep is worsened, it is perhaps time to consider buying a replacement.

Try it by taking time to lie on a number of options before committing to the final purchase. Lie for a few minutes in different positions . Think about the mattress and pillows as it will go in conjunction with your bed.

One of the most common problems is not having enough space, so invest in large size as possible according to your budget and the space available in your home. Decide which features are most important to you and keep those in mind when testing out options.

Select the right pillow for your style of sleep to support your back, neck and shoulders. Add luxurious home fragrance infused with relaxing ingredients like lavender, and invest in substantial curtains to shut out sleep-disturbing light

Furniture for your home and office :

Over the years, working from home has become a convenient option for people who wish to work from home and avoid long commutes, hectic office hours. Many people are setting offices at their home and making work more convenient and smooth. If you spend most of your workday in a home office chair, make sure it fits right.